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Through the identification that simplifying investment solutions, true independent research and active monitoring is needed to achieve a reliable outcome for investors, Celerity Investments was born. Our experience in financial planning goes back over 20 years and we have recently evolved the industry’s traditional process into a simplified, independent and robust one that ensures the most targeted return on investments for your future. We are not only investment managers but also client management partners.

At Celerity, your future is our passion. Our business model is focused on swift and proactive implementation, independence, research, and risk management – the four elements we believe are essential to steadfast investment success.

Celerity believes that financial peace of mind comes with simplified investment solutions for you, the investor. We partner with trusted and independent Financial Advisors to ensure your future is always the focus. By ensuring that the decisions you have made to reach your desired financial future are matched by an investment solution, we are able to deliver the outcome you need.

Cost-effective implementation, objective portfolio construction, and risk management of portfolios through hands-on fund monitoring and research, are all based on the individual needs of each client – at Celerity everyone is unique. That is why we work in partnership with financial planners, who guide us on your unique needs, and trusted independent asset consultants, who are independent from the planners ensuring they focus on the outcomes and not only the fund.

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Reliable Investment Outcome
Portfolio construction, at the fund management level, has to deal with the complexities of the markets and needs to ensure that the investment solution can achieve the target investment goals while staying on track during uncertain times.

Drawing on our range of specialist skills and processes, we select and combine funds into model portfolios, balance the risk and reward, while always focusing on reliable outcomes for your future - and not based on fund ‘favouritism’.

To achieve a reliable outcome, you need to manage risk – this requires ongoing monitoring and research in order to make changes when appropriate. Due to the volatility of the macro-environment, our asset consultants spend their days monitoring fund behaviour so as to ensure that your cash is allocated to the most appropriate fund at all times, relative to your goals, life circumstances and future. As a result of our focus on monitoring and pro-active management, we are safeguarding costs incurred – trading costs, expense ratios, taxes – because we want every bit of money you put in to be maximised to reach your goals.


Swift-movement, objectivity, and reliability – three elements that define our approach to investing. Swift-movement – markets are volatile, which means quick, hands-on, decision-making when it comes to risk management or changes in fund manager allocation which is key to the outcome of investment objective of each portfolio.

  • Objectivity – reliable outcomes do not come from just any assets or investment portfolios. They need to be specific to your goals. To achieve a reliable outcome, we have built our business on true independence from the investment fund, assets, and financial plan. As such we will always be intermediated, working with financial planners who own the client relationship.
  • Reliability – we recognise that investments are fluid, but we believe the success of our business is hinged on reliable outcomes. Our objectivity, velocity, and continuous research and monitoring, ensure a reliable investment outcome is always achieved.

We are driven by your future which for us equals your investment objectives plus reliable outcomes. A financial plan identifies your investment objectives so as such our relationship is directly with financial planners. By working with your financial planner we are able to ensure that the advice provided is in line with your needs, this allows us to offer the objectivity required to make the investment decisions that will consistently benefit your future.

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